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I prefer a structured or procedural approach
I prefer to work things out in the here and now
I prefer to work thorough past issues
I prefer a slow, gentle approach to sensitive subject matter
I prefer to be confronted on important issues even if it's likely to be uncomfortable to me
I prefer to allow my helper to determine the direction and course of the sessions
I prefer directness rather than subtleness in receiving help
I am willing to work hard to obtain the desired results
I prefer to take things slowly, one step at a time
I like to take things fast, absorming as much as possible in shortest amount of time
I am easily overwhelmed when presented with sensitive subject mattter
I prefer to be in charge of the direction and course of the sessions
I prefer to be pushed hard when needed
I prefer to process things slowly over time

I prefer to process things quickly and move on

I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being/God

I strongly believe that I will overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of me realizing my goal(s)

I will fully cooperate with my helper

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