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Counseling is often thought about as being just for those with severe mental problems. However, counseling is also a process where the therapist assists others in working through difficult and troubling times. In addition, counseling involves helping people to live their lives more effectively. It is in effect a collaborative and an interactive process where the therapist and the client together identify and work on the client's most troublesome problems. Also, it can be considered a safe place where people can talk about their most intimate problems without fear of a breach in confidentiality. Furthermore, it may involve identifying and modifying particularly disturbing thought patterns that have a tendency to affect mood and well being.

Online Web Counseling consists of a professional counselor or other mental health professional who provides their services over the Internet through e-mail, chat, video or Internet phone. Web Counselors provide their assistance in response to a question, or an ongoing conversation. On the other hand, the client shares personal information in an effort to overcome some problem, or for personal growth and sometimes, spiritual growth. In essence, Web Counseling is concerned with helping clients to live more effectively by developing their unused or underused strengths. Also, counseling is useful for helping clients become better at helping themselves. Web Counselors attempt to offer the same kind of therapy that they would offer in the office with a few exceptions. See, Is Web Counseling for you? Web Counselors bring considerable expertise, skill and training to mental health care.

The Surgeon General has stated that one American in five has a diagnosable psychological problem and that only one-third of those actively seek counseling. One reason is that many people are just too embarrassed to talk, face to face, with a counselor or therapist. Others fear that they will be unfairly judged if their employer or community will find out.

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