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The Web Counseling Site offers free matching/referral to a mental health counselor that has agreed to follow The Web Counseling Site's guidelines in regards to conduct, cost, etc. Web Counselors usually provide mental health counseling at a lower cost since they can often communicate with clients at times when it is convenient, such as between sessions or after normal hours of operation. In addition, many therapists are eager to work for the lower rates to get a feel for what Web Counseling is like. Likewise a client may wish to try Web Counseling before going to traditional talk therapy. Clients seek psychotherapy on the web when suitable help is not available in their area or when the client is too ashamed to go to group, talk, or family therapy. Clients present with a multitude of psychological problems, which often focuses on developmental problems that occur throughout the life span. Clinical problems are addressed such as depression, major depressive disorder, Bipolar Disorder, mood disturbances, anxiety, phobia, manic-depression, dysthymia or panic disorder. At other times counselors work with everyday problems of living that include job stress, bereavement, relationship or family problems, adjustment to a change in life, divorce, separation, empty nest, or layoff from work. These counselors / psychologists are licensed/certified clinical professionals who wish to help those in need. In fact, some offer their services for free or at a reduced rate if the client can show proof of their financial status. But please, do not take advantage of their generosity. Web Counseling is not for those who are experiencing an emergency situation that requires immediate attention nor is it for those who are currently suicidal. On the other hand, it is an alternative which offers confidentiality (to the extent allowed by law) and anonymity if that's the only way the client will seek help. This site will register mental health professionals who have the proper credentials and have high ethical and professional standards. If you are someone who is in need of help please click "Get Counseling Now!" to get started. If you are a therapist who would like to register with The Web Counseling Site use the "Get Counseling Now" form and tell us about yourself in the comments section.

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