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About this site

You have perhaps come here to this site today because you have a problem that's weighing heavily on your mind. You may be at a crossroads, or you have been a victim, or you have suffered some loss or tragedy, or you just need some help getting through life's difficulties. Perhaps you're too afraid or embarrassed to go to regular counseling or you live in an area where there are few or no counselors to assist you. Maybe you just need encouragement or advice on a particular matter, like ways to communicate with your employer, spouse, or child. It may be that although you want help you would like to remain anonymous. It could be that you might just want to try Web Counseling to get a feel for what traditional counseling is like before you commit to face to face therapy. If you fit in to any of these categories then Web Counseling might be just what you need.

This site is dedicated to identifying a Web Counselor for you. Whether you need a fully Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor or just someone especially trained to give advice and coaching we will attempt to match you to a counselor who fits your particular needs whether you are a well paid executive or you are unemployed and on a limited income.

In some cases if you qualify we may be able match you to a Web Counselor who will work ProBono. However, you should keep in mind that the counselor might not be able to devote adequate time to your needs. Other counselors may negotiate a reduced fee if you are in financial difficulty. This is usually unnecessary as Web Counseling is usualy much lower than traditional counseling.

The Web Counseling Site Index