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Methods and Payment


Most Web Counselors prefer to communicate via secure encrypted e-mail, while others prefer chat, video, web-based messaging, etc. Most will repond to you within 24 hours while a few may take up to 48 hours or more.


The cost per session is almost always much less than face to face therapy and will vary depending upon your situation, type of communication, and the level of expertise of your assigned counselor. Due to the convenience of email, it is usually the preferred method. In addition, it is the most cost effective, in that your counselor can respond to you at any time without the need to set up an appointment. Since your counselor may use a sliding scale, it is suggested that you attempt to negotiate the costs if you can show that you cannot afford his/her quote. Payment arrangements will vary depending upon the Web Counselors preferences. Payments could be by check or money order, credit card, electronic check, charge to phone bill, PayPal etc. Your counselor will let you know what he/she is set up to accept.

The Web Counseling Site Index