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Where you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office to have a counseling session
Offering Online Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling and Life Coaching

Convenient, Cost Effective, and Confidential Counseling

Helping clients find inner strength


Advantages to Web Counseling

For many, the opportunity to sit in the comfort of one's own home or office and carefully think out and write what they wish to say, without feeling the inherent pressure of an eye-to-eye meeting, allows them to  be more open, thorough, and precise. 

For those with less than perfect memory, it allows them to read over past sessions without having to take up valuable time in future sessions.  Also seeing a session in print may make it more acceptable to the mind than a verbal phrase which can be easily forgotten.  In fact, people tend to remember only about 25% of what they hear.

There is an additional monetary savings that comes by not driving your vehicle to your sessions. The cost of operating your vehicle, today, is perhaps 40-50 cents or more per mile, taking into consideration, gasoline, oil, wear and tear on your vehicle, and maintenance.  Also, not driving your car to a session is safer and less stressful, since you want be fighting traffic.

You also save money by not taking time away of from your work or your children.  Therefore,  you don't have to hire a babysitter or worrying about whether or not your children are safe and being taken care of properly.

In addition to all these savings in money time, and stress, the sessions are cost-effective because of inherently lower costs associated with online counseling.  Furthermore, The Web Counseling Site is committed to making your counseling experience as efficient as possible.

Web Counseling is flexible and convenient, in that you can have a session anytime of the day or night. No need to set up appointments that you may forget. 

To sum up, Web Counseling is convenient, easy to use; cost-effective in time, money, and stress; and can be more open, thorough, and precise.

Moreover,  our counselors are fully licensed.  


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