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Anger Management Counseling/Classes

Anger is a normal emotion that when left unchecked can mushroom into a storm of vengeful behaviors. In such moments one may turn away from logic, reason, and good common sense to an uncontrolled sequence of events of a wrathful nature. Some of which can be  of a violent nature.  The consequences can be particularly disturbing for all concerned and can result in problems at home, work, and life in general.  Without appropriate outlets, anger can build to explosive proportions.  Often this is seen in road rage, where anger has been suppressed, then is allowed expression in an inappropriate and dangerous manner.  Anger left unchecked can lead to trouble in one's relationships where again tensions not allowed appropriate expression will take their toll in the form of arguments or violence, which often result in a breakup.
Anger tends to activate the fight or flight response and if prolonged can impair the immune system and lead to harmful physical effects such as high blood pressure and heart disease. It has been found that people with Type A behavior react more intensely to stressors. Type A behavior includes 1) an exaggerated sense of time urgency, 2) excessive hostility, anger, and irritation, and 3) intense ambition and competitiveness. Of these, it has been found that hostility is more likely to lead to heart disease. Hostility is defined as the tendency to feel anger, annoyance, resentment, and contempt, and to hold negative beliefs about human nature in general. Unchecked anger can also result in passive-aggression behaviors where people attempt to get back at others indirectly, rather than confronting them face to face.  Passive aggressive behaviors may include being cynical, stubborn, sullen, impatient, argumentative, skeptical and contrary.  People exhibiting these behaviors aren't likely to maintain many healthy long-term relationships.

If you feel that anger is in control of your life and that it is having an significant impact on your life, your relationships, or your work, you might consider online counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor through The Web Counseling Site. 

Your counselor will likely use a variety of techniques to help you bring your anger down to a manageable level.  These techniques may include training in relaxation, communications, and effective problem solving.

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